Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall so far

 Halloween ~ Jango Fett, Little lamb and a Barbie Princess

                                             Sweet Baby T 6 months and all dimples!
                                        Monkey's first Grand Prix pinewood car!
                                             A tired Baby T after trying to crawl!
                                   Monkey without his mask on, heading out to school.
                                                  Peanut at her school party.
                                      Sweet Baby T all ready to go to Peanut's party.
                                               Peanut's Fairy Tea Party birthday
                 Monkey and Peanut on their first Big kid ride at the fair.  They had so much fun!
 Monkey wanted to go on the Zipper and I went with him.  His shoes fell off and were hitting us in the head the whole time.  I had to put an arm around him so he wouldn't go flying out from under the bar.  When the ride attendant asked him "How was it?" Monkey's response?  "That was the worst decision EVER!"  Man I love that kid!
                                                  Peanut's new love...Soccer!
                                                                  My Girls!
                                               Apple picking at the apple orchard

It's hard for me to believe it's already the first week of November!  The warm days of August seem like it was just last week, but the falling leaves on my lawn are showing me that it is more like a distant memory.  
I love summer!  I love how my kids wear their tank tops and flip flops and go running out into the yard laughing and smelling of sunscreen.  But when the leaves start to turn color and the air takes on the crisp smell of autumn, my heart lifts and soars.  I LOVE fall!  I love the crisp, cool mornings that break into warm afternoons.  I love apples and the cider that we press.  I love pumpkins and harvest.  I love getting my children ready for Halloween.  I love celebrating Peanut's birthday and our anniversary.  I love Thanksgiving and celebrating my amazing husbands birthday.  There is only one thing that I don't like about fall.  It is the rain that starts and is never ending and the gray that comes with it.
My kids love fall too.  Thankfully!  They love the leaf piles and all the bugs that they find.  They love the cider and apples and school.
I am thankful for autumn and it's change.  The breath of fresh air that it provides.  
Here are some pictures of our adventures and the fun that the kids have had.