Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How do I know who to Marry?

This was the question that my 5 year old daughter asked me the other night.  As I was snuggling in bed with her, waiting for daddy to come up to say goodnight, Peanut quietly asks this.  "Hmm..Well,  that's why I pray for your future husband.  So that when the time comes you will know."  She processed this and then asks, " What if you like 2 boys and you don't know which one to marry?"  Oh boy. "And what if you love a boy, but he doesn't love you as much as you love him?" Well,  "Or what if a boy loves you more than you love him?"  I think I said something like, "Well, you need to pray and ask God to show you which one is truly the one that He would want for you." And to answer the other two, it was something like this. "Then you should end the relationship to be fair and understanding of their feelings."
My chirpy little girl then kept on dreaming, during the snuggle time, of her future wedding.
Statements coming out of her mouth like, "I want my wedding colors to be Purple and Pink and definitely Blue." "Mama? Who will be my flower girl and ring carrier?  We don't know any little kids!"  To which I answered, " Maybe Monkey will be married and have a kid so they can be your ring bearer/flower girl."  "Yeah, that might work.  But what if it's a baby?  A baby can't do that."  I then said, "Well, one of your bridesmaids could bring the baby down the aisle with them."  Peanut processed this. "Ok.  Baby T will be the one carrying the baby down, since she is going to be my bridesmaid."  "I don't know who else will be my bridesmaids though.  What if I can't think of anyone?"
Phew!  Did I mention that this is an actual dialog that I had with her?  She is 5 not 25?  When Monkey came into the room she told him her plans to have his children be in her wedding. 
It was difficult not to laugh at some parts of this conversation, but the whole time I just kept praying.  "God, keep her dreaming.  Prepare her for the man that is going to be her helpmate.  Prepare him to be the man of God that she needs him to be.  I pray that she listens to You and sees the man that you have prepared for her.  "
I love this girl with all of my heart.  She keeps me thinking.  I wonder what Peanut will be like when she is ready to walk down that aisle to the man that she has been dreaming about most of her life.  Thank You, Father for this amazing and beautiful person, thank you that you have given her to us.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

June 10 on 10

1.  Good Morning!  My little snugglebug waking us up this morning.
2.  Monkey and his Best Buddy on the last day of school!
3.  Monkey and his teacher.
4.  Strawberry plants
5.  Rhubarb, yummy!
6.  Peanut
7.  Playing in the sandbox
8.  Tree swing
9.  Monkey and his buddy playing the Wii
10.  Polly Pocket or racing car?  Hmm..