Sunday, May 27, 2012

First Annual Table for 5 Scavenger Hunt


 I promise, we didn't tag this ourselves!

Most families take to the roads this long weekend.  They spend their time together hiking, camping, barbecuing or something along those lines.  I hate camping on these long weekends.  Everyone seems to be out on the roads, campgrounds are loud and crowded. Honestly it doesn't do anything but put me in a crabby mood. Camping with a toddler who can't sleep due to someone partying it up at the next campsite over isn't my kind of fun!

The hubs is going to be heading out of town today for 5 days so we wanted to spend some quality family time before he left.  I have always loved scavenger hunts.  Really!  It's also been a great way to occupy the time of my older kids when I just need a break.  Each of my kids has a camera so we do picture scavenger hunts.  I have sent them out in the snow to walk around the block to take pictures of various things and actions that I have quickly jotted down on paper.  

Today, since it's a holiday.  Memorial Day weekend to be exact.  I felt it was a time to put some of our hometown things on film.  We will be moving away sometime soon, (we don't really know when) so we went on a photo scavenger hunt so the kids will have pictures of places that they have been to or that have been a part of their lives the past 6 years.

The hubby and I took a lot of their pictures because one of my requirements is that they be in the photos.  Although there is the occasional, ok often, picture of the random car or grass but I'm not going to post those!  So here goes.  Enjoy our Scavenger Hunt.  It took us 3 hours, one lunch break, one trip to a museum and a whole lot of pictures!  

First stop.  Our front door!
Someone is so excited!

Second stop.  Where the kids have their sports and sledding hill!

Where they both learned how to ride their bikes.  Around and around the track.
Ok, so we throw in a simple find too.  They needed to find some flowers.  Lilacs!

Next clue was to find the steam plant.  The kids were stumped until they caught a glimpse of the tower.  Do you see it?  Peanut took this pic.

Along the way.  Ok, I asked them to hug each other, but at least they are still smiling!

Not to be left out.

They found it!

Whoo Hoo!  They all took turns standing on this guard rail.
Even Sweet T

Next stop.  The Hall on campus that Peanut had her dance recital.

1 of 2 sculptures they had to find.

 Historic Arch.  Did you know it's only a replica and not the original?  It's only 3/4 the size of the original.  I guess I was expecting the original.  Still really cool though.

 Not the historic arch.  But fun to climb through!

2nd sculpture they had to find

Next on our hunt was the Conner Museum.  Pretty cool!

Next clue was: Through something you can see the sky.  Looking in to the skylight.  I love that I can see my little photographer in this pic.

Martin Stadium.  Another stop.

Last destination.  The Cougar.  Yay!

And another picture of another sculpture.  Why not?

We had a lot of fun and arrived back home tired but had a great time.  No fighting and lots of smiles!

Here are a couple more pics of our adventure.