Thursday, November 3, 2011

Soccer Saturdays

Saturdays at our house means that the mornings are all about soccer!  This isn't all that different from when I was a kid.  I played soccer for more years than I can really remember.  I gave it up when I got busy working, with the hopes of being able to play later.  Well, now my knees remind me that I played and probably shouldn't take it up again.  So what is the next best thing?  Coaching my littles.  I didn't think that it would be something that I would like, but really, it is the most fun that I have had with them in a while!  Right now, I am coaching only Peanut and her team but if Monkey wants to continue with it, then I may take that up too.
I put my blogging on hold while we went to Monkey's game.  This is a kid that likes soccer but really only can give you about 20 minutes of good playing time.  He just hasn't caught the bug, and he may never get it.  But then today, something clicked.  My little Monkey made 4 goals and didn't let one ball go by him when he was playing goalie!  My heart soared!  He felt the pride and pure joy of making a goal and protecting his team from losing the lead that he helped them acquire!  I apologize for not having any pictures of Monkey playing soccer.  I have to find some.  The problem with coaching one kids games and not seeing all of the other ones. 
I don't know if he will keep playing soccer, and really I don't care what he chooses to do, but for today, I am thankful that he felt that joy that comes with the Whooping and Hollering from making a goal. 

Peanut made a goal today!  The look on her face after she did it, was priceless!  She looked over at me kind of embarrassed but with pride as if to say, "How'd ya like that?!"  She is the kid that the other teams underestimate.  She is little, but quick.  Quiet, but fearless.  She is right in there with the biggest boys trying to get the ball, and quite often she does.  The kids and parents on my team call her, their "secret weapon."  She has the makings of  a great midfielder.  We'll see.  I am just glad that she is enjoying it for now.