Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year!!!!

Welcome to the future! When I think about this number I feel like I should have a robot maid and a computer that makes my food.  Then I think, I'm the maid and do I really want a computer making my food?  I think that 2012 has been this number that for the longest time seemed so far away, and now it's here.  Why this year and not last or next?
2012.  20 years ago we graduated high school.  20 years.    A lot happens in 20 years.  As an 18 year old in 1992 20 years seemed like forever.  I remember the Dr. telling me to take it easier on my knees or I may have a difficult time walking when I am 40!  As a 17 year old hearing that, well, I think my comment ran along the lines of, "40!  I'll be old and won't care how my knees are doing!"  Oh naive, silly girl!  I also remember when I was in 5th grade and having a conversation with a friend about the song by Prince, 1999.  I remember trying to figure out how old I would be in that New Year.  Every year we get older, unless you happened to be vacationing on your birthday which was Dec. 30 on the island of Samoa this past year.  (They skipped Dec. 30) It is going to happen, we get old.

Every year, as I look back and have more years to compare and look back on, I can't help but feel nostalgic and optimistic.  I have been feeling lately like I am racing against a clock.  One that I don't know when it will stop but knowing it eventually will.  Maybe, it's because of the many family members and friends that have battled with cancer this past year.  Maybe it's because I am realizing now that my kids will outlive me.  If they follow the natural order of things.  Which I have told them that they must!  Whatever it is, it is making me take stock in how I live my life, how I love my family and what to be grateful for.

Need I say more?  So grateful, so Blessed.  Looking forward to see what God has in store for our 2012!

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