Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Broken studs and Star Wars

On Friday May 21, Monkey turned 7.  To say that he likes Star Wars is a mild understatement.  The greatest invention in his opinion is when Legos started making a Star Wars product.  He is in heaven.  He loves Legos and can spend hours putting together and playing with them.
His request for his birthday this year was a Lego Star Wars party.  If you have ever looked into this, you will find that you can get Lego things and Star Wars things but no Lego Star Wars!  I found a silicone cupcake mold of Lego bricks.  I was very excited about this!  I knew Monkey would think it was cool!  Usually, I make a yummy homemade cake, but this year I actually opted for good ol' Duncan Hines.  I am actually thankful I did.  My first attempt at making the Lego brick cupcakes resulted in a runny gooey mess and so it was on to round two.  My second attempt the cupcakes worked, but in getting them out of the mold the little Lego studs didn't make it out alive.  So, It was now midnight and I had yet to come up with a suitable birthday cake for Monkey's birthday party.  So what did we do, we went to bed and like any mom does, my brain went into overdrive in trying to come up with a Lego cake for the next day.
I used a bread pan for the "bricks" and York peppermint patties for the Lego studs.  After baking 6 cakes in all, it turned out well and as Monkey exclaimed, "Mom, this is awesome!", it was worth it!


  1. It looked great! I love the pictures. I think the amount of food coloring you used could probably turn the white river blue for the day though. . .

  2. bah, apparently I can only sign in as Gal Rain. . . this is J by the way.