Friday, March 11, 2011

Sweet Baby T

Sometimes we joke about the "T" meaning, 'trouble', or 'tenacious'.  She is those things and more.  I see that in her looks and personality she is a blend of both the older two.  Determined is another word to describe this sweet baby girl. 
Our morning usually starts off around 6:30 +/- with me going in and getting the little babe.  Nursing her and trying to coax a little more sleep time while I nurse her.  At about 7 the older two come down to start their day.  Before I can let T roam around, we have to make sure the baby gate is closed and the dog water is up.  If either of these things aren't done, our sweet little one will find out about it and head for one of the two.  It's inevitable! 
At 10 1/2 months she has 6 teeth and when she hugs us she also bites.  While this wasn't a bad thing when it was all gums, it's now proving to be a bit painful.  The saying, "Love hurts" has taken on a whole new meaning! 
T also loves my hair.  And I don't mean just in a hair pulling kind of way, but she likes to put it in her mouth (yuck!) and when she is nursing, she plays with my hair instead of her own.  If it's in a pony tail she searches around until she can find it.  Even if that is my bangs!
She loves her older brother and sister so much!  The squeals that she gives them is so cute!
Her walking around is getting surer and more confident as the days go by.  Just this week we have seen her go from walking only in one room to walking through all of the rooms! 
T is also quite the snuggler.  She will be so busy roaming around and then you turn around and she needs to be picked up to get a hug and kiss and then she is off again on another adventure.  What a blessing this little girl has been to our family.
                                                       Baby T 10 months old
                                                                Catching snowflakes
                                                       I dare?
(Notice her princess castle?  I love my new Slice machine.  It's like a Cricut, but it was not as expensive.  You can use both machines for fabric!  Who knew?  But it's a custom shirt made for her by me!)

  That is a day in the life of our sweet girl.

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