Friday, July 30, 2010


I feel like I should be on the show, Hoarders.  If you haven't been to my house lately, like in the past week, you may not understand this statement.
Because Jeremy is finishing the basement we moved most of what was stored there into storage, but there was plenty that didn't make it and is now "stored" in our dining room. 
As we prepared for Sweet Baby T, our things started multiplying.  Baby swing, bouncy chair, changing table etc.  Sweet Baby T is sleeping in  our bed since she has outgrown her Moses basket and we don't have the room to put her into anything bigger!  So our solution to get her into a pack 'n play in our room is not an easy one.  It means moving a lot of things and creating space in a small house with no space.  How? goes.
In order to get a pack'n play in our small bedroom, we need to move our dresser.  In order to move our dresser we need to move the hope chest which holds all of our towels and linens.  In order to move our hope chest we need someplace to put the towels and linens.  In order to get a place that can house these we need to get a vanity and cabinets for our bathroom.  So right now my amazing husband is getting the cabinet and countertop ready to be installed.  SO back to the episode of Hoarders.  My entire bathroom and all of it's contents, excluding the toilet, is in our kitchen or on the dining room table!
All of this so our sweet little babe can sleep in her own bed!  Phew!
I need to go and paint some trim.

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