Wednesday, August 11, 2010

July and August

I feel like summer is slipping by so quickly! In 2 weeks Monkey will be starting 1st grade and in September, Peanut will be starting preschool 2 days a week!
This has been a CRAZY, hectic month!  I can hardly believe we are going into our second week of August already!  We ended July by going on a camping trip with my parents, to Leavenworth, for the weekend.  We left Monkey with them for his week alone with Nana and Papa, to head home with "our girls".  It's a fun thing to say, "our girls".  Not something that I thought that I would actually ever say.  I always figured I was going to be saying, "our boys".  But God has blessed us with 2 wonderful and absolutely beautiful girls.  Not to say that "our boy" isn't wonderful too!  Anyway, after we dropped Monkey off we got on with house projects.  Because what do you do when you have one less child around?  You get projects done!  So we painted our upstairs bathroom and put in new cabinets and finished it in time for Jeremy to drive 1/2  to meet my mom with Monkey.  He came home and my friend Andrea came 2 hours later with her two kids to stay for 3 days! Phew!  Then 3 days later we packed up to go to CB to go and spend time with the inlaws.  They will be in CB for a month.  Grampa got to meet Sweet Baby T for the first time and I think he may have fallen in love with his 3rd grandchild!
It's been a fun month so far with more to come.
I am realizing that my children are growing up.  They still have quite a ways to go, but Monkey is 7 and as I look at my sweet baby who has already figured out how to roll over from her back to front and front to back (at 3 months), and how she  is trying to scoot already (at just 4 months), and Peanut at nearly 5 has mastered the art of humor, I am reminded how quick life goes by.

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