Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My craftiness

Ok.  Since I mentioned my comfy, cozy sweater pillow, I thought I would post a picture.  You can go to to see theirs for $55, but like I said before mine cost me $3!  It was just a practice one and there are things that I will do different next time, but for now it's great!  The kids fight over it and my other new pillow I made. 
The other pillow is inspired by one that I saw on another crafting blog called Cluck Cluck Sew.  She did her pillow with red felt, but I didn't have enough red felt and I had PLENTY of fabric scraps, so I used those up and an old pillowcase.  I wasn't going to waste a good fabric and spend money if my idea went bust!  So here are the pictures.  I had fun making them and they were easy to do in an hour or in between chasing Sweet Baby T around.

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  1. I thought you had put the flower on the sweater pillow. This is really cute.