Monday, March 7, 2011

What to Do

Our basement is nearing the final stages of completion.  It's been a long road to get there but FINALLY, we will have a room for Sweet Baby T instead of having her sleep in our room and us sleeping in the living room on our futon.  Is something wrong with that? Hmmm.... I am looking forward to having my own bed again!  Not only are we going to have a room for her, we will also have another bathroom!  If you haven't experienced potty training with only one bathroom, well let's just say it's an interesting experience and more stories than I have time to write about.  But maybe some day!
Oh, another reason I am looking forward to this basement to be finished is, (drum roll please) my CRAFT and Sewing room!  I am so excited!  Finally a place that I can have my sewing out and finish without sticky syrup or jam ending up on it.
So what to do when the house is in a state of chaos?  Well, Sew!  Have you ever wanted to start something and have it be finished, quickly?  I had 2 projects that I had been thinking about and today was the day to pull them from my brain and make them happen.

I had been perusing various websites and saw a pillow on that I thought would be really comfy and so instead of paying $55 for this sweater pillow, I went to my local Goodwill and bought a Large sweater for $2.99 and cut it up and made my own sweater pillow.  It looks a little different but it is comfy and you can't beat the price!

Another thing that I did recently, is signing up to be a pattern tester.  It is a great way to get free patterns and especially something that I may not purchase if not asked to make it.  I was sent my pdf pattern via email, on Friday and they asked for those participating to have it made with pictures by Thursday.  I was able to start and finish it today.  I think it's a cute purse and it made me feel like I was in school.  Sort of.

The carpet is getting installed on Monday (can you say, Yipee!), so this week will be tiling and cleaning up the basement.  Not as much fun, but the end is in sight.
So for now I will try to upload a couple of pictures of my cute purse.  If you want the pattern go to and it's the Roxanna bag.  Too cute!

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