Saturday, April 14, 2012

To My Sweet T

Things that I want to remember and I know that I will forget.  The things that make up who she is right now.  The funny sayings and quirky sense of humor she has. 

 All of these things I have sworn with each of my kids, that I will NEVER forget.  Then time passes and I have found it interesting to hear my husbands stories of each child.  I sometimes wonder if I was even there because some of the stories sound so foreign or like they are someone else's life.  The very things that I promised I wouldn't forget are lost somewhere in the recesses of my brain.  Maybe due to sleep deprivation or just the simple fact that,  as much as I want to cling to everything that makes them unique and absolutely endearing, it's just not possible.  

Sweet T has made our family complete.  The missing link in our family.  The fine line between the yin and yang that makes the differences in her older siblings meet.  She is a true blend of all of us in the family.  She is sugar AND spice.

I want to remember how smart she is at almost 2.  How aware she is of what is going on around her. When the rest of us would be scrambling all over the house looking for the lost object and then she would inevitably bring it to us or point it out to us.  How did this 1 year old know?  Is it because we still think of her as our baby?  Yes, OUR baby.  All 4 of us has laid claim to this little girl.  
My son adores her and makes her laugh, but it's what she does for him that   makes me admire what  this 2 year old can do.  Unlike her older sister, she can get her brother to willingly ask her to play with her dollhouse with him.  WHAT?  Yes, my son, my  Lego building boy has uttered this sentence a time or two. "Want to play with your doll house with me?"  Ah the power of a 2 year old.  Her face lights up and I'm convinced that is all that it takes to bend him to her will.  I've never seen it before.  He is not a child that I have EVER been able to make to do something, but our two year old can.  
My 6 year old daughter loves having a playmate to play dolls with and dress up.  She is teaching our Sweet T the fine art of pretend.  The rules of the game.  To just "pretend" to eat the fake food.  Don't really eat it.  Playing house and zoo.  This is a game that I love to watch.  My Peanut is fantastic at it and she has quite the imagination.  We have a lion costume that I picked up after Halloween a few years ago.  One day I hear Peanut yell, "Oh no!"  I had to wait for the rest of it,  I was concerned until I heard, " The lions have gotten out at the zoo!  They are running around everywhere!"  To my surprise, my 2 year old was running through the kitchen and dining room growling and roaring.  I laughed so hard!  Oh my!  When did this toddler get to be a kid?  Where did my baby go?  

I wish I could give you a view into what I get to see everyday.  My kids are amazing, funny and creative.  Here is what I want you to know about Sweet T.  The things that I don't want to forget.
Sweet T
1.  When you are looking for someone, you cup your hands around your mouth and holler. Yes holler, "Are you?" It's so cute.  As in, "Where are you?"
2.  If someone is crying, particularly one of your sibs, you rush over to them to kiss their owie.
3. You are seriously funny!  We laugh all of the time because of your humor.
4. When we ask you how old you are, you hold up 2 fingers and say, "9"
5.  You are outgoing and say, "hi" to everyone.  
6.  You give smooches.  Lip smacking smooches.  It's really cute.  
7.  You love LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba!
8.  You have a big stubborn streak and have been throwing tantrums since you were 14 months old.  
9. You are also easily distracted so when you are throwing a tantrum I can usually get you interested in something else.
10.  Your vocabulary is unending.  You will try any word. Play and Pray are the same sounding word and we have been known to tell you no, to Praying at bedtime because we thought you were asking to play.  PAY.  

Freshly bathed and in matching outfits Nana made.  Look at these 3!  Ah, I love them!

I don't know what to say about this one!

We had a yogurt bar at her birthday party.  Birthday Parfait and some juice.

So excited that she now has her own dollhouse!

Legos from Gramma and Grampa.  They Skyped in on the party.

Yay!  A dump truck!

A little unsure of the candles.  But can't wait to eat the cake!


Still eating.  Still Yummy.  Coconut cake with mandarin filling.  SO good!

Finally, on this day, April 14, 2012, I want you to know that you are loved.  You have Aunts and Uncles, Grandparents and a cousin,  Monkey and Peanut and Mama and Daddy that love you SOOOOO much!

We love you, Sweet T!  Here's looking forward to this coming year!  Don't grow up too fast.


  1. Robyn, you have a wonderful way of writing things. Your wise to write those things down. They do get forgotten. I agree with you on all of those things that you said about T. She is a special little one and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. love you Mum

  2. You need to write a book about the kids, a page a day. You are a wonderful writer like your mom said. I love reading your blog. It's a way of "knowing" my grandchildren without being able to be close to them. That and all the pictures you take. Love the phones for that too. Oh what would we do without all this technology! I feel so blessed to have you all in my family. I couldn't ask for more, our special kids and our beautiful, funny and sweet grandbabies. How lucky we are!