Monday, March 12, 2012

Live. Laugh. Play

Somedays I have to laugh at the absurdity of life.  I think all moms can relate to this.  You go around and pick up the house and fold laundry, do dishes and you feel really good about your clean house (ok, semi clean) .  Then you realize some little person, in this case my soon-to-be 2 year old, has gone behind you and undone everything.  Ok.  She didn't undo the dishes but she does pull out all of her clean sippy cups and fill them with dog water from time to time.  Her favorite thing to do with the laundry pile is to jump in it.  Let me also say that this doesn't matter if it's waiting to be folded or just been folded.  She also sneaks up to her brothers bedroom and finds his stash of markers and draws purple all over her lips and cheeks. (It's blush and chapstick don'tcha know).  Talk about defeated.  You just want to throw in the towel and start drawing on the walls too!

Days like this, I grab my roll of butcher paper and let her think she is drawing on the floor.  I let her play in goop.  Cornstarch and water.  If you haven't let your kids play in this, it's totally worth it!  But I definitely have to hide the lotion and chapstick.  This little girl is addicted to the stuff.  She loves to put it on but eats the chapstick and paints the carpet and the cat with the lotion.

This little girl is the biggest little joy for both of my older kids.  I am so thankful that we decided to have one more child, if for no other reason than to see the relationships develop between the siblings and her.  Her older brother makes my heart melt when I listen to him make her laugh.  When her older sister plays house with her it's just sweet. 

The other night when tucking T in to bed she was not wanting to go.  I told her that she needed to get to sleep so we could play after she woke up.  That worked and she went to sleep.  That little munchkin woke up the next morning at 5:30 and the first words out of her mouth were, "Pay, Pay." "Out, Pay."

Guess what.  She woke up wanting to play outside.  Seriously?  Ugh!  I was able to hold her off for a while but soon bundled her up and went outside.  The kids have all played on the bouncy horse that was all of my siblings and probably doesn't meet any safety guidelines.  It's still fun and it's now an outside toy.
My kids motto seems to be, "Live, Laugh and Play!"  Not a bad one to follow, on most days.
Maybe I need to try it more!

Thought the bathtub would be a good place to play.

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