Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Spring time

This week we have had some incredible Spring like weather.  It's hard not to scowl when I see snow in the forecast.  I mean, it's Spring, right?  Oh, right, a couple more weeks and THEN it will be Spring.  Well for today I am looking at it as Spring.

It was 55 degrees and sunny today.  My yard had robins and magpies in it.  The crocuses were popping up and just this past weekend and we planted primroses in my flower boxes.  It felt like Spring!  What does Spring feel like to you?
 was in deep thought and contemplation as I drove to pick up my older two from school.  Sunny days can make me do that.  Or maybe it's just that it's a change and change can make people retrospective.

A forsythia tree!

 Back home we would see calves and foals in the spring.  I love seeing the forsythia trees in bloom because it means that Spring is here.  Spring is a time for regeneration, new beginnings and life.  In winter the world seems darker and a little browner.  Ok, let's just say it, dead.  Spring feels like a breath of fresh air.  Maybe it's because I am actually allowing fresh air to blow through my windows instead of having the heated air being pumped through my house.  Or maybe it's because scientifically you can breathe easier due to more green and all of that.  (Nope, not a scientist so don't challenge me on that theory. Please?)  Whatever the reason, Spring makes me happy.  If you were to ask me what my favorite season is, I would tell you Autumn then Summer THEN Spring and finally Winter.  So Spring comes with rain (not my favorite) and let's just face it, Spring is often like a hormonal teenager.  It can't make up it's mind and tries to throw every kind of weather at you.

But back to my retrospection.  I was thinking today that I feel like we have been in a Winter season in our lives for a very long time.  Reminds me of a Laura Ingalls Wilder book The Long Winter.  Ok, not at all how my life is really.  But the long part is that we have been looking for over a year and a half for a job for my sweet hubs.  He was still in school up until Dec. but knowing that it would take a while to find one,we started looking early.  I say "we"  because it really has been a team effort.  I do the internet perusing and send him the jobs, he looks at them to see if he is qualified and then spends the 6 hours it takes to fill out one application.  YES!  Can you believe it!  6 hours to fill out an application!  He has his PhD and is applying for positions that take a PhD which require essay questions as well as the regular stuff.   I have NEVER had to go through this before in my life!  I have gotten every job I have wanted except maybe one and then there was another one waiting for me so really, not a problem.  I may have been a bit naive about the job process in this job market when starting out, but now, with my eyes WIDE open still nothing to see.  I could go on about the various reasons the jobs are scarce and so on but really who wants to hear ALL of that?
Anyway, our long winter has got to be coming to an end.  I am confident that our Spring is coming.  We need that breath of fresh air.  The excitement of the unknown is there.  God has big plans for us.  HUGE, I'm sure of it.
I guess what I am saying is that I am ready for SPRING!  In every way possible!  Looking outside at the reminders that Spring is coming tells me our Spring is coming.  For now, I will enjoy our winter.  Our lives are snug and we know how to do winter.  If you see me around town and I look like I am suffering from cabin fever, please forgive me!  I know Spring is coming and I can not wait!

For now, I try to rest in His promise.  I try to recite it daily.
Jeremiah 29:11
"For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Amen to that.  That verse is my forsythia tree.  It is my sign of Spring.

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  1. I will help you by praying for your spring to come in all possible ways. Job searching can be so frustrating. I am so excited for spring. I always say Fall is my favorite season, and really it is, but I just get so impatient for Spring that it hits me with euphoria when it finally gets here. Today was absolutely lovely and I'm so excited for Daylight Savings Time!