Friday, March 30, 2012

Dad's Away the Kids will Play...Maybe

This is the first day of what starts the kids Spring Break.  Some people may groan when they think of a week where their children are home all day, every day 24/7.  I love it!  I love lazy mornings and an agenda that is all our own.

Tonight we started it with me saying, "yes".  Monkey asked if he could play his DS. I said, "yes".  Peanut asked if she could have a piece of her candy, I said, "yes."  Sweet T asked for milk, I said, "yes". When he came down asking if they could play the Wii, I said, "yes."  See the pattern?  I was being the cool mom that wasn't in a hurry to get dinner on the table.  No game or dance to hurry to.  Bedtime was a way off so it just didn't matter.  Cool right?  I thought that this evening would be so great!

The Wii may have been a bad choice on my part.  The next sounds I heard were not happy ones.  Bummer.
What do you do when you have a meltdown and two of three kids wanting to lay into the other one?  Well there are actually a few options here.  Laughing isn't really very effective when dealing with them in this stage.  Sometimes a glass of wine and letting them figure it out on their own, but not tonight.  I also realized that they were starting to get hungry so, I grabbed the kids and got things out for them.  They were so intrigued by this change of events that the fighting and tears stopped.  I gave them each two eggs and bowls.  I told them to crack their own eggs.  Who knew that the smiles I would get from these two would come from cracking their own eggs and making their own dinner?? I let them make it and cook it.  Sweet T wanted in on the action and so she was in there making her dinner too!  No complaints at dinner.  None!

Wahoo!  Mom-1 Kids-0  Love my kids!  Love how I can redirect them and have a good evening. They were so proud of their dinners and were actually kind to one another at the table.  They deserved a movie night with popcorn and lots of butter.  Yep that's how we roll when dad is out of town!
See how cute they are?  All 3 of them in on the dinner action!  Love these kids!

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